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Faster internet for schools

11 December 2018

Almost every government school in the state will have a high-speed, fibre optic internet connection by mid-2020 under a landmark contract between the South Australian Government and Telstra worth more than $80 million. 

The massive expansion of the fibre optic network will deliver speeds of up to and beyond 1GB to 514 schools sites – 98.8% of all public schools. 

Once the project is completed, it is estimated that some schools could experience internet speeds up to 1000% faster than before. 

The move will see thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cables installed right across South Australia and past the front doors of thousands of small businesses, public sector agencies, hospitals and independent schools, making high speed internet connection a viable reality in almost every town in South Australia. 

It is expected that the network expansion will be completed by the middle of 2020.
The Education Department is working with Telstra to provide alternative fast internet solutions to the four schools too remote to connect to the expanded fibre optic network.

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