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Future careers for shipbuilding trainees

13 July 2020

The next generation of South Australian shipbuilders have begun the first ASC Shipbuilding Readiness Training Program at Osborne, ensuring our state has the skilled workforce to fill the thousands of jobs on offer as a result $90 billion pipeline of defence work from the Commonwealth.

Over the life of the future frigate build, 1000 students who undertake the readiness program will be employed with ASC.

The industry-led program allows the students to complete their SACE while undertaking their Certificate II in Engineering, all while gaining a head start on their transition to employment in the defence industry.

The program is part of a $90 billion defence spend in South Australia, creating an pipeline of jobs for future decades.

It forms part of one of the first of the Government’s ‘Flexible Industry Pathways’ to begin taking students.

Flexible Industry Pathways, a key initiative of the Government’s VET for School Students policy, are being developed in partnership with industry to provide students with pathways to commence employment and further education while completing their schooling.

As well as defence, pathways will be established in a diverse range of high demand industries where there a jobs and careers that students can take up immediately.

It is part of a focus to deliver educational outcomes that best position South Australia’s young people to get jobs.

In the coming months further opportunities like this will be available to students as more Flexible Industry Pathways in key industry areas are rolled out.

The second intake for the ASC Shipbuilding Program is now being promoted, seeking 22 school- based trainees to start in December this year.