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Hearing technology grants awarded

13 April 2016

More than 45 preschools and schools will install specialist hearing technology that will support students with hearing impairments in the classroom.

One-off grants totalling $428,000 will fund the installation of ‘soundfield systems’, a system that amplifies a teacher’s voice via a wireless microphone that is linked to a speaker or speakers around the room.

Funds were allocated to preschools and schools based on a range of considerations, such as the number of children and students with a hearing impairment at a site, Aboriginal children and student enrolments, and the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage.

Children with hearing impairments can struggle to keep up with learning – listening to the teacher and their fellow classmates can be a real challenge.

Evidence shows specialist sound technology used in a learning environment can greatly assist students with hearing impairments, as well as those with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and auditory processing disorder.

The technology can have a positive impact on the entire classroom, engaging students in learning and fostering concentration for longer periods of time.

Teachers can deliver learning in a way that reaches all students in the classroom without having to strain their voices, while students can hear and understand what they are learning much better.