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High speed internet rollout

10 April 2019

The state government’s $80 million project to connect every government school in South Australia to a world class high-speed internet connection is off to a flying start, with more than 20,000 students already connected.

The connection at Ardtornish Primary School means the statewide rollout, which was announced in December last year, has already connected 39 schools, over 22,000 students and in excess of 2,500 educators to high speed, reliable internet before the end of Term 1.

By mid-2020, the project will deliver speeds of up to and beyond 1GB to all 511 government school sites across the state.

Four schools that cannot be connected with fibre optic for logistical reasons will use other solutions to deliver a high-speed connection. 

Internet speeds, reliability and overall performance will improve significantly at Ardtornish Primary School, opening up a host of improved educational possibilities for teaching staff and the school’s 505 students.