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More than 100 primary teachers secure a high school position

11 March 2021

Year 6s and 7s won’t be the only ones making the move to high school next year.

More than 100 primary school teachers have secured a position in 40 high schools, following the first phase of recruitment for the year 7 to high school move happening across South Australian public schools in 2022.

To support the new recruits and the broader high school workforce, the department is investing $13m into professional learning to prepare for the move of year 7s into high school.

Primary teachers Laura Duggan and Damin Sexton have both embraced the move, each securing a position at Mount Barker High School which has recruited 4 permanent primary teachers through this process.

Currently teaching students from years 5 to year 7 at Callington Primary School, Laura saw the move as an opportunity to work with young adults and further build her professional practice. 

“I am looking forward to moving to a high school environment to work in a team that is subject specific and develop excellent programs for students.”

Damin, who currently teaches Japanese to students in years 3 to 7 at McDonald Park Primary School, is eager to teach senior students again having previously taught in high school before moving into primary teaching.

“I most look forward to using my experience to better inform my teaching decisions and hopefully improve the educational opportunities for my high school students."

Mount Barker High School Principal, Warren Symonds, is excited for the move and the diverse range of experience and skills the primary recruits will bring to the school.

"It's exciting to have a team of staff who have the skills and abilities to focus on our Year 7 students and provide expertise to teach other students up to Year 12." 

"We are looking forward to working closely with our new teachers to develop a range of interdisciplinary courses to extend our students' learning further." 

Professional learning will start from Term 2 and continue throughout the year. Programs will be delivered by Orbis, the department’s academy for exemplary learning, in partnership with the University of Melbourne, Flinders University and Griffith University..

For more information on the move visit the Year 7 to High School webpage.