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Morphett Vale community embrace hub

13 June 2018

Morphett Vale Primary School is bringing the community into their school and their school into the community in a number of ways and is continuing to grow into a hub that caters to everyone’s needs.

The school has an onsite Occasional Care Centre, Out of School Hours Care, Playgroup, Preschool service and two Regional Special classes. 

They also lend their facilities to a calisthenics group, a basketball club, a local football team and the Southern Smith Family who run a number of programs that benefit their students and the broader community.  

Kick Start for kids run a breakfast program for the school and use the site to run their holiday camps.

Principal Rachel McLennan says the school looks after the whole child from birth right through to when they go to high school, so it’s important to work with services that make their children and their families feel supported and part of a community. 

“I get to know my community and local organisations to ensure there’s mutual benefit to partnerships.” 

“Our aim is to positively impact the wellbeing and educational outcomes of our students and bringing outside support groups into the school increases their access to services and in turn benefits all.”

 The school also runs their own programs to engage families and other members in the community.

“Our school is also situated next to a community garden where our children visit and interact with elderly members of the community.”

“We also run regular parent workshops, such as, how to prepare nutritious meals for the family, helping with homework and basic computer skills.”

“One of our parents was concerned that not all children were reading aloud to an adult at home every day so she negotiated to set up a reading room at school, furnished and decorated in a Dr Seuss theme, organised over 40 volunteers, a roster, a list of students and data to track improvement.” 

“Everyone plays an important role in the creation of the growth of our school as a community hub including the Governing Council, students and their families, local organisations and the wider community.”

“It takes a village to raise a healthy, happy child and that’s what we are trying to create at Morphett Vale Primary.”