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New zones proposed for Angle Vale

4 May 2020

The proposed school zones for the new, 1675-student Angle Vale birth to year 12 school that will open in 2022 have been released.

The new school and zones are designed to cater to population growth in the outer norther suburbs and ease enrolment pressure on existing government schools. 

Development of the proposed school zones and changes to existing school zones are based on sophisticated analyses which considers a range of factors including accessibility by road, current and projected demand, existing school locations and current and future housing developments.

The proposed new school zones include a new Angle Vale birth to year 12 primary school zone and a new Angle Vale birth to year 12 secondary school zone

Mark Oliphant College B-12, Gawler and District College B-12 and Angle Vale Primary School will see changes to their existing zones under the proposal.

Neighbouring schools and education staff will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed new and amended zones.

Families can view an online map of the proposed new and amended school zones.

Once feedback has been considered, the final approved zones will be published on the Department’s Find a School or Preschool webpage, to allow parents plenty of time to plan for the start of the 2022 school year. Families can also use Find a School or Preschool to determine their closest or zoned school.

Students already enrolled at a school will not be affected by any changes to zones.

Find out how to give feedback.