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Phonics Check data

14 February 2019

Data from South Australia’s first comprehensive Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, undertaken by 14,000 students across all government sites last year, has been released.

Results indicate there is significant room for improvement across the state in this critical skill for reading success, with just 43% of students demonstrating that they met the expected achievement level of correctly decoding 28 words or more out of 40.

These results demonstrate the considerable value that the Phonics Check provides, giving teachers a much clearer picture of where Year 1 students are at with phonics – a foundational aspect of their reading development.

The Check It involves a short, simple check that helps teachers measure how well their students are learning to decode and blend letters into sounds – one of the building blocks for reading.

The rollout of the Check has delivered critical insight and will be an important foundation for our students’ literacy development for years to come.

Parents can access a range of online resources to help parents better engage in their child’s reading at home.

Teachers will again be provided with professional development opportunities to help them administer the Phonics Screening Check during Term 2 this year, with the next state-wide Check to take place in August.

The full fact sheet on the 2018 Phonics Screening Check is available on our statistics and reports page.