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Proposed zone for new Aldinga school

8 April 2020

The proposed school zone for the new Aldinga B-12 School has been released.

The zone expands as far north as Maslin Beach, down to Sellicks Beach in the south, and includes suburbs such as Port Willunga, Aldinga and Aldinga Beach.

The primary zone will be shared with the existing Aldinga B-7 school, due to the schools being in close proximity to one another and the current distribution of housing in the area. The shared zone will be reviewed in the future as new housing is constructed near the new B-12 school.

Willunga High School, Seaford Secondary College and Moana Primary School will see changes to their existing zones under the proposal. 

The new school – located at 143 Port Road, Aldinga – will open in 2022 and will accommodate 1675 students, including 100 inclusive places for students with a disability and a 75 place children’s centre.

These new and amended school zones will ensure the local student population is distributed so the schools can accommodate current and projected student numbers and the growing demand for public education in the south.

The new school will be a welcome addition for many families in the growing south and will offer the local community world class, modern facilities for students to learn in.

Development of these proposed zones has been based on sophisticated analyses, which considers a range of factors including accessibility by road, current and projected demand, existing school locations and current and future housing developments.

Neighbouring schools and education staff will now have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed new and amended zones.

Once feedback has been considered, the final approved zones will be published on the Education Department website later this year, giving local families plenty of time to plan for the start of the 2022 school year.  

Students already enrolled at a school will not be affected by any changes to zones.

Families can view a map of the proposed new and amended zones here.