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Quorn Kindy bringing art to life

27 July 2018

Quorn Kindergarten will be challenging people’s conceptions about children as active citizens through a South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) event in early August.

Titled ‘We are all learning’, the exhibition recognises the strong connection to creativity that children have as citizens of the world.

All children at the kindergarten have contributed to the exhibition which will feature a variety of art forms.

Kindergarten director Maggie Kamin says it was important to have a cross section of artworks presented.

“People often think of art as only painted work; however, art is included in nearly every aspect of our lives, so we have fashion designers, sculptural, traditional Aboriginal art pieces, photography, baked clay, as well as canvas artworks from emerging to professional.

“Innovation, creativity and persuasion are integral learning outcomes for any age group. Art achieves these goals as well as promotes positive learning dispositions like persistence, resilience, and a solid work ethic. All art that children have engaged with has been based on their interests and has promoted high standards of achievement, without being competitive.”

The kindergarten is taking part in the SALA Festival for the first time and will be displaying work by both children and professional artists.

Professional featured artists include Joan Hancock, Joel Plevin, Carina Turner, Nikki Atkinson, Judith Dawson, Jess Dawson, Frances Hill, Garry Parker, as well as other local artists from Flinders House and Quorn Area School.

“Our hope has been that visitors will come to our exhibition not knowing which is children's work and which is adult work. I hope that the families and children leave feeling a great sense of pride, and recognise that creativity is something we should encourage, not limit. I really hope the children have a great time showcasing their work to the community, and I hope this experience stays with them as a special memory.”

The children’s work will likewise be for sale alongside the other artist, with the kindergarten using the event as a fundraiser.

“The level of investment these children showed was truly astounding. They understand that they aren't being treated like 'children', but as adults.”

Mrs Kamin says the project wouldn’t have come to life without the support of the governing council and the wider kindergarten community.

“Our whole inside space is being transformed into an exhibition hall. All furniture is being moved out, hanging spaces made, and this takes a great deal of work! Families have been so dedicated that they have taken days off work to help with the event.”

It is hoped that the event will become an annual fixture on the kindergartens calendar.

The exhibition will be held 3 August 2018 at Quorn Kindergarten between 4:30pm – 6:00pm.