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Review to boost VET in schools

13 June 2019

A major review of Vocational Education and Training (VET) for School Students will focus on ways to increase the numbers of vocational pathways from school to employment, increase student demand for VET pathways and provide a supply of skilled workers to support the needs of South Australia’s industry.

The review addresses four key areas:

  • Perception – how can we elevate VET so that it becomes a valued option alongside university and other pathways
  • Access – what barriers prevent some student cohorts from accessing VET opportunities
  • Quality – how can we best ensure confidence in the quality of VET offered in schools; and
  • Relevance – ensuring VET in schools meet industry standards and delivers graduates with skills that are relevant for future employment.

A six-week consultation on the Government’s YourSAy website will provide the community with the opportunity to contribute to the review through written submissions or an online survey. The feedback received will support targeted engagement with industry.

A recent report from the Training and Skills Commission highlights that around 247,000 qualifications will need to be delivered to meet the skills requirements of South Australian businesses over the next five years, and 82% of the occupations forecast to have the highest growth over the coming years will need VET qualifications rather than a bachelor degree.

The Issues Paper is available on the YourSAy website and public consultation is open until 26 July.

To find out more and to download the issues paper visit yoursay.sa.gov.au.