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Riverbanks College B-12 logo revealed

22 April 2021

A circle without beginning or end, without sides or corners, Riverbanks College B-12’s newly revealed logo shows connection, inclusion and life like no other form.

Developed through an understanding of the values of the school and history of the area, the image reflects their connection to the community, finding one’s own path and growth through visual representation of the river, riverbank and market gardens.

Inspired by the school’s natural environment, the colour palette consists of a deep and light green, ochre, and blue.

All elements come together in a harmonious way to show the story of Riverbanks:

  • Leaf – Acts as both the riverbank and a growing leaf which represents the value of thriving in learning.
  • Market Gardens – Respects the history of the area and community.
  • Riverbank – Guides the river helping it connect the community.
  • River – Flows through the middle of everything and embodies the idea of finding one’s own path, while at the same time being the element that holds everything together.
  • ‘R’ – Hidden within the shape in the negative space, the ‘R’ helps define the overall composition.

South Australian branding agency Toolbox Graphic Design collaborated with the Principal, Joe Priolo, and key stakeholders* to talk through their vision and values for the school which were captured in the logo design.

Principal Joe Priolo said it was really important they were able to bring together the history of their community and local environment into the logo.

“Our new logo embodies our schools’ vision for community connectedness and supporting our learners own individual journeys and growth.”

“It’s such an exciting time for our community and I can’t wait to see our learners proudly wearing the Riverbanks College B-12 logo when they begin here next year.”

Work is now underway on designing the uniform.

The school can accommodate up to 1,500 students, 100 inclusive places for students with a disability and a 75 place children's centre. It is anticipated the school will open with 600 students in the first year, with the expectation that it will grow to 1,675 students by 2026.

Learn more about the new Riverbanks B-12 College here.

*Key stakeholders included students, principals and staff in local primary schools, community members, and members of the local education office.