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School bus review

21 January 2019

Public consultation has begun on a review to explore how government school buses in regional areas can provide travel for all students, regardless of whether they attend a government or non-government school.

Currently more than 430 school bus routes provide transport for students across regional South Australia and around 14,600 students use the services.

The Government is also considering making school buses available for broader community use and moving the responsibility for their management from the Education Department to the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

The public consultation is asking parents and caregivers of students, as well as the broader community in regional South Australia, to consider the following:

What will be the impact of ensuring all school students in regional SA have the opportunity to take school bus to school?

  • What impacts may occur if government school buses stop at non-government schools?
  • What impacts will there be should school buses are made available for community purposes?
  • How would the transfer of government school bus responsibility from the Education Department to DPTI make services more effective and efficient?
  • Responses received as part of the consultation process will inform the review’s recommendations to the Government.

The consultation is open until Friday 15 February at yoursay.sa.gov.au