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Schools consulted on mobile phone policy

4 December 2020

A new policy that includes a proposal to restrict primary aged students from accessing mobile phones or personal devices during school hours has been released by the Government for consultation with schools.

Educators can now provide feedback on the draft policy, which will be introduced in government schools in 2021.

Many students currently bring mobile phones and personal devices to school to ensure their safety while travelling and so parents can contact them outside of school hours.

Under the draft policy, access to phone and personal devices while the student is on school grounds would be restricted in primary schools. Secondary schools will adopt mobile phone policies that suit the circumstances of their school community, according to a policy framework that prioritises learning.

The policy does not apply to school-sanctioned ‘bring your own devices’ such as laptops and iPads used for learning purposes.

The draft policy was developed in close consultation with school principals, principal associations and senior school leaders.

South Australian Government school staff can access the consultation via EDi.