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Students get ‘appy with coding

20 June 2018

A growing interest in coding amongst year 8 to 12 Aberfoyle Park High School students has seen its CODE >>> WORKSHOP continue to grow in members and more iPad apps be developed and uploaded to the App Store. 

With close to 30 male and female students, the voluntary lunchtime workshop attracts those who are interested in learning and applying problem solving techniques with code to develop games for iPads. 

Student members of Aberfoyle Park High School's lunchtime code workshop.

Digital Technologies teacher Mr Chris Robinson runs the workshops and says students are applying a variety of physics and mathematical concepts when developing the code for the games. 

“The lunchtime workshops are a great way for our students to work together across year levels and familiarise themselves with practical skills required in creating software and applications. 

“The students spend their time learning the programming language Python within an iPad app called Pythonista. 

“They also learn problem decomposition, algorithm design and data modelling. Once they are familiar with the basic concepts, they can take their skills and develop their own custom creations while developing additional skills as they are needed along the way.”

“While the games they are designing are aimed at a younger audience, the work that goes into making them is at a level higher than your average high school aged student. 

“Many of our students are up to the stage where they are defining their own custom object types using classes.  

“This allows them to encapsulate additional attributes (characteristics) and methods (actions) within their objects and keep the code versatile and readable.” 

Two of the students in the workshop are submitting proposals to speak at PyCon, a national Python language conference held in Sydney this August. 

“This not only shows their progress in how confident they are in their coding ability, it also allows them to practice the entrepreneurial side of the tech industry,” Chris said.    

Aberfoyle Park High School was the first school in Australia and currently remains the only school to be registered as a developer under its own name. 

The school now has 10 free iPad apps and 1 universal app available in the Apple App Store. Search APHS on the App Store to find them.