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SWIFT soars with 400 sites connected

2 March 2020

Crystal Brook Primary School has become the 400th site to receive a high-speed, fibre-optic internet connection through SWiFT (Schools With internet Fibre Technology), marking an exciting milestone for the statewide rollout.

The mid-north school now joins a SWiFT family of over 161,000 students and 19,000 teachers who all benefit from access to affordable, high-speed and stable internet.

Schools in the SWiFT family can also anticipate increased productivity and confidence that comes with knowing they’re backed up by world-class ICT infrastructure.

“Being connected to the fibre internet will allow us to provide high-quality teaching and learning within our site due to the faster and more reliable internet service we will receive,” says Crystal Brook Primary School Principal, Kelly Zwar.

“It will support us to deliver the curriculum in an engaging manner where we can truly integrate the curriculum through all subjects and differentiate teaching for all students successfully as a result of the vastly improved internet”.

Since December 2018, the project has moved rapidly with the department’s ICT Services Division on track to connect all in-scope schools by 30 June 2020. The impressive speed of the rollout has been noted as one of the fastest of its kind anywhere globally.

Welcoming the milestone, Chief Information Officer Scott Bayliss says: “We made a commitment to our system when we signed the contract with Telstra in December 2018 that we weren’t going to rest until we had reliable high-speed internet available in every school ……. and, we’re nearly there.

“Every  teacher and student  across the state not only deserves, but needs access to high speed, stable internet if we want to realise our ambition of becoming a world-class education system”.

Across the remainder of term 1 and 2, SWiFT will roll out to some of the state’s most remote areas from Pipalyatjara Anangu School, in the far north west of the state, to Kongorong Primary School, in the far south east, which face unique complexities because of the relative lack of telecommunications infrastructure.

The SWiFT rollout schedule will be continually updated as we approach the completion of rollout to in-scope schools by 30 June 2020.