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Travel overseas with your child…at home 

14 May 2021

Sometimes it may feel like your child is speaking another language. And if they attend a South Australian public school there’s a good chance they are! 

Our schools teach a range of languages as part of the Australian Curriculum. Learning languages benefits students’ academic development and builds intercultural understanding.

There’s also a clear link between learning additional languages and English literacy development. 


But what can you do to help your child learn a language if you don’t know bienvenue from konnichiwa?

Lots, is the answer, and here’s how:  

  • Remember, you don't have to know the language to help your child learn the words. The Our Learning SA website offers age appropriate learning resources to help you and your child discover a love of languages at home.  

  • Get creative and make playing cards with words and matching images. You can make a game out of it such as when you show the image they say the word in the language, and when you show the word they say what it is in English.  

  • Watch a movie or TV show in the language your child is learning with the subtitles on. This exposes leaners to contemporary and authentic use of the target language.  

  • Sign your child up for the Languages Alive! program next school holidays. Languages Alive! is a program of engaging and interactive language and cultural experiences for R-7 students delivered by highly proficient speakers of the relevant language. Workshops explore a range of languages. For more information visit the Languages Alive website.

  • Learn the language too! You never know, you might just find you love it. 


Languages are taught as mainstream subjects from reception to year 8 and as elective subjects from year 9 to 12 in South Australian government schools. 


More information on Languages in schools:

For enquiries email:  education.languages [at] sa.gov.au