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Wellbeing popular amongst girls

25 September 2018

A program to help improve student wellbeing, increase attendance, and break down boundaries is positively influencing the learning outcomes of girls at Aberfoyle Park High School. 

The program was developed by the school’s wellbeing leader Hayley Wiedermann and has grown to engage a number of girls from when it began in October last year.

Hayley says the girls, who range from years 8 to 12, participate in a mix of activities that teach mindfulness, emotional awareness, and social confidence.

“We have the girls participating in a mix of active and mindful activities such as boxing, yoga, cooking, and bushwalking.”

“I’ve also connected with groups within the community so the girls can network outside of the school. This helps to develop their social skills with people from different walks of life.”

In keeping with expanding social networks, high achieving students from the school are actively involved in the program.

“Their involvement has helped the girls understand they don’t need to segregate or limit their friendships or academic achievement.”

Overall, the program has been highly successful in improving their wellbeing, engagement in learning, attendance, and relationships with students and staff.

Learning outcomes have significantly increased for the girls, including increased attendance to school and participation in class.

“There’s been a noticeable difference in the student’s attitudes towards learning and socialising. They are more engaged in their work and are eager to go to school.” 

“Many of them have also voiced their ambitions for their future and career pathways and considered how they would achieve those.”

“I’m really proud of the girls and how far they have come and we hope to continue finding ways to engage our students so they are excited to come to school and take up more opportunities.”

The program’s success has prompted the school to start a similar model for male students.