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What's next after the NAPLAN test?

student sitting the NAPLAN test
27 May 2021

NAPLAN testing is over for the year. We spoke to Woodville Gardens B-7 year 7 teacher Indu Bala about what parents can expect next. 

What is the idea behind NAPLAN testing?

NAPLAN is a national program to assess literacy and numeracy skills. It is a tool which is used to help schools and the education system determine whether students are meeting important educational outcomes. For students, it provides a snapshot every two years that helps add to the feedback they get from their teachers. 

When will we get the results of NAPLAN?

Students get their NAPLAN results in Term 3 individually. The NAPLAN reports are self-explanatory, however, if parents have any concerns and questions about the result, they can always contact the class teacher or school principal and ask for feedback.

What will my child’s teacher do with the results?

The data collected through NAPLAN is analysed to help teachers to identify whether our students are meeting the targets; if they need support in a particular skill in any area. For example, if a student is not able to answer questions based on inferring, then it can be set as an individual goal, with learning design tasks put in place.

Also, it helps teachers to inform their teaching practices. For example, if the whole cohort in my class has not achieved a targeted skill, I would utilise this feedback to improve my strategies to help my students. It is also helpful for students to visualise their academic growth over time. They can see their growth against their peers in the same year level across the nation.

What should I do if my child is feeling anxious about their NAPLAN results?

If pupils or their parents are feeling anxious, they can speak to their teachers. This test is like any other assessment that students undertake in class. They need to take it easy. NAPLAN gives them a snapshot of their learning and growth.

Will my school result be made public?

Students get their results individually and they will remain confidential between the teacher, student and their parents or caregivers. Whole school NAPLAN data are displayed on the publicly available MySchool website. This data is updated yearly and parents are encouraged to review this when the results are published.