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Year 7 to high school pilot

7 March 2019

Three South Australian government schools have been identified to pilot the transition of year 7 into high school, with the aim of informing planning for the statewide system move in 2022.

Mitcham Girls High School, Wirreanda Secondary School and John Pirie Secondary School have begun broad consultation with families and local primary schools this week, aiming to provide families the opportunity to register interest for their child to enter a government high school as a year 7 in 2020.

A number of existing government schools, particularly amongst those who have an r-12 offering, already offer year 7 in a high school setting.

It is anticipated that these three new schools will particularly offer insights into the year 7 transition process from distinctly different school contexts.

Mitcham Girls High School is unique as an unzoned metropolitan school with a special focus as a single sex school with a broad use of 74 feeder primary schools. Wirreanda Secondary School is a large zoned metropolitan school. John Pirie Secondary School is a large regional school with a strong middle school focus.

The pilot aims to provide critical early insights into areas such a workforce planning, curriculum and transition processes between primary and high schools.

Participation in the pilot is voluntary and enrolment processes will continue at all schools for current year 7s enrolling as Year 8s next year.

Families will be able to submit a registration of interest up until Friday 24 May and further information is available on each school’s website. The schools will hold information nights in the coming weeks.