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Departmental policies

A number of the department’s policy documents, including policies, procedures, guidelines, standards and frameworks, are accessible via this page.

If you are unable to find a particular policy document using this search, please contact the Central Policy Unit.

Department staff searching for policy documents should use the Department for Education Intranet (login required)

  • The merit selection policy outlines the standards used when selecting applicants for positions within the Department for Education.

  • The merit selection procedure outlines the approved processes for merit selection across the organisation and must be read in conjunction with the merit selection policy.

  • The National School Chaplaincy Program (2015-2018) aims to support schools in promoting the wellbeing of students by providing funds that contribute to the maintenance or establishment of pastoral care services in the school.

  • Non-department service providers working in preschools and schools procedure has been developed to support site leaders in the approval and management of external providers in department sites.

  • The numeracy and literacy strategy will guide teachers and other school staff, early childhood workers, health workers and importantly, parents, to give children the best start possible.

  • This procedure details the operating requirements for delivering a departmental occasional care service, including compliance with the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

  • A crèche service may be provided by a range of Department for Education (department) sites and programs including preschools, Children’s Centres for Early Childhood Development and Parenting (Children’s Centres), Learning Together and schools to support parents and caregivers to access parental support, educational and community activities.

  • This document is a practical direction for all staff working in education and care to plan and manage children and young people who require oral eating and drinking support including oral sensitivi

  • Department for Education policy covering the requirements of the national law, the Education Act 1972, and associated SA government policies about OSHC services that government schools must comply with.

  • This guideline outlines the roles and responsibilities for people engaged in the provision and operation of OSHC on Department for Education sites.



Operational Policy unit

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