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Research grants to investigate the earning and learning pathways taken by young people in South Australia

The Department for Education, the SACE Board of South Australia and the Department for Industry and Skills are looking to identify one or more individuals/teams with the interest and the capability to work with us to develop and then deliver short-term research projects related to earning and learning pathways in South Australia.

To do this, we are seeking expressions of interest from local, interstate and national experts in the fields of school education and further education and training.

The information below sets out what we hope to achieve through the research grants and what to do if you want to register your interest in working with us.

Research grants

New evidence that looks at the journey that young people take through different parts of the education system has given us a better view of the numbers of young people on different earning and learning pathways (Senior School Retention and SACE Completion). 

We want to expand on the story underneath these statistics, using qualitative research to get a clearer understanding about:

  • What drives students’ choices around what to study and what to do after leaving school?
  • What matters to students, school staff and families when they make these choices?
  • Where are the short, medium and long-term levers for increasing the number of young people on an earning and learning pathway (policies, practices and in the wider community)? 

We are looking for individuals/teams to work closely with key staff in the South Australian government to develop a short-term research proposal and then deliver findings or advice by 27 September 2019

How to register your interest

If you would like to apply, please submit an application of no longer than 1,000 words (not including any attachments) that addresses the following criteria:

  1. Please explain your/your team’s interests in earning and learning pathways for secondary school students. Would this grant opportunity build on your experience or track record in this field? 
  2. Please outline your/your team’s relevant skills, experience and availability to undertake research in the field of schooling/vocational education and training (attach CVs or reports/papers if relevant).
  3. Please describe how you have co-developed research studies with government agencies/industry partners in the past and summarise the outcomes. 

Expressions of interest are due by close of business 9 November 2018. Please submit information to Education.ResearchUnit [at] sa.gov.au.

Please note that any research grant funding would be subject to compliance with terms and conditions for conducting research studies with staff, students, parents/carers of the use of education data, including:

  • applicable child-related employment screening checks and requirements
  • evidence of public liability insurance
  • obtaining written approval prior to publishing the results or presenting at conferences.

After the closing date for expressions of interest

A panel from the Department for Education, the SACE Board of South Australia and the Department for Industry and Skills will review all expressions of interest received against the criteria listed above. 

The panel will invite individuals/teams that are determined to best meet the criteria above attend a briefing session (in phone or in person) on 19 November 2018. The briefing session will be an opportunity to discuss the analysis undertaken so far and the gaps in knowledge that we are seeking to address. Following the briefing, costed research proposals will be invited to be submitted.  



Research and Evaluation

Phone: 8226 1609
Email: education.researchunit [at] sa.gov.au