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Tools for research and evaluation projects

There are tools researchers can use to help with their research and evaluation projects.

Google Scholar search

Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly research presenting results from:

  • journal articles
  • academic reports
  • theses
  • studies
  • other literature.

Google Scholar also includes the number of citations a document has, and can be sorted by time.

Education journals

Australian-based education journals provide academic or subject-specific education and child development research and information.

Leading and Managing is another international, peer-reviewed academic journal focussed on educational leadership and management.

Fee-based databases and libraries

Fee-based databases and libraries provide access to a wide range of academic journal articles, abstracts, citations and peer-reviewed literature.

  • A+ Education via Informit is an Australian site offering a full-subscription database that provides access to scanned journal articles from published material in all areas of education. It was created in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). A free trial is available.
  • The Education Resources Information Centre (ERIC) is a major international education database hosting journal and document content sourced by the Educational Resources Information Centre in the US.

Cunningham Library

Cunningham Library provides access to a comprehensive range of up-to-date Australian and international educational research resources and a range of education directories.

The catalogue provides free public access to a range of new and existing articles.

Online access to the collection of electronic journals and requests to borrow books and other resources requires library membership.

Our Research and Evaluation unit can provide a 12 month membership to the library. If you require access to the Cunningham Library, please contact the Research and Evaluation unit.

Other electronic sources

Education and child development websites

Many education and child development websites provide news, events, data, reports, and other information for policy makers and practitioners.

  • ADCET: Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training has information and resources about inclusive teaching, learning and assessment strategies, a support services to support disability practitioners, teachers and learning support staff.
  • Australian Policy Online is a free service providing full-text research reports and papers, statistics and other resources needed for creating and launching public policy in Australia and New Zealand.
  • ARACY: Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth website has information about programs and strategies to improve the wellbeing of children.
  • Curriculum Leadership Journal provides comprehensive coverage of issues about school education leaders (for example, curriculum, leadership and management, technology, pedagogy, assessment) in Australia and New Zealand, including schooling trends.
  • NCVER: National Centre for Educational Research website has data, reports and publications to inform policy and practice.
  • VOCEDplus is a tertiary education research database. It's free and includes content about vocational education and training (VET), higher education and other forms of community education.
  • What Works Clearing House reviews the research on multiple aspects of  education. The site aims to answer the question ‘What works in education?’ by using information from high-quality research.  Their goal is to give educators with the information needed to make evidence-based decisions.

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