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2021 Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) data collection information

The 2021 Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) will take place in term 2, 2021.

To help your school prepare and take part in the 2021 AEDC data collection, we will update this page with current communications and resources.

It is vital that all schools with children in their first year of full-time school take part in this collection.

Download the 2021 data collection key dates calendar (PDF 255KB) to print and display the timelines for the next data collection at your school.

If you have any queries about the AEDC data collection system contact the AEDC Helpdesk on 1800 092 548 or helpdesk@aedc.gov.au.

Completing school participation

It is important that all schools complete their participation in the 2021 AEDC data collection before 2 July 2021. This is to make sure the AEDC captures a complete picture of children’s early development for your school and the community.

When schools complete the data collection process they can download their 'preliminary school report'. This report can inform your improvement planning. 

Watch this video to learn how to complete your school’s participation.

AEDC – finalising and invoice 2021 video transcript

Submitting invoices and school finalisation.

You can generate an invoice once all teachers have finished completing instruments and finalised their participation in the 2021 Collection.

To submit the invoice and finalise your school’s participation in the AEDC, you will need your school ABN, account name, account BSB and account number.

You can save this information prior to teachers finishing their instruments by clicking on the Invoice tab at the top of your screen, or by using the ‘manage’ button on the AEDC School Coordinator Dashboard.

In some jurisdictions this information will be prefilled – all you will need to do is enter the school ABN and confirm the details. Otherwise you can enter the relevant school bank details on this page.

If you need to check any of these details you can always return later to update this information.

When all teachers have finalised their participation and all children have been resolved, you will be able to click continue to review the reimbursement details.

The total number of completed instruments and teachers trained is automatically filled out for each section.

The number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural consultants trained will need to be filled out manually, only if they completed training with your school.

When all details are entered and checked over, you will be asked to confirm you have the appropriate approval to submit the invoice, and that you are ready to finalise your school’s participation in the AEDC.

At this point you will be prompted to download a copy of the Teacher relief reimbursement invoice.

Please provide a copy of the invoice to the relevant parties at your school.

You will then be asked to complete a short survey about your experience as the AEDC School Coordinator for the 2021 collection and we would appreciate your feedback.

Once the invoice is submitted you have finalised your school’s participation in the AEDC.

End of transcript.

Key steps to complete your school’s participation are:

  • registered teachers complete data collection for all participating children and follow the online data collection system prompts to finalise their participation
  • school AEDC coordinators review the system generated invoice for teacher relief reimbursement and submit it via the data collection system.

Take the opportunity to provide feedback about your experience in the 2021 data collection at the prompt in the online data collection system. Your feedback is important to help improve future AEDC data collections.

School leader and teacher packs

Your school leader and teacher packs provide all the information you need for your school to complete the 2021 AEDC data collection. Packs arrive at schools in March.

Easy to read fact sheets help principals, teachers and staff know their role and help schools stay on track.

The fact sheets will be available for download on the data collection system.

Cross sector letter to principals

Read a letter to principals (PDF 526KB) from the heads of the Department for Education, Catholic Education SA and the Association of Independent Schools SA, outlining their expectation that all schools participate in the 2021 AEDC data collection.  

Value of the AEDC

Teachers across Australia value completing the AEDC data collection. Hear teachers tell their story about the value of completing the data collection for classrooms and beyond.

Watch the value of completing the AEDC for teachers video or read the video transcript.

Watch the value of completing the AEDC for classrooms and beyond video or read the video transcript.

Key dates

19 March 2021 – school leader and teacher packs arrive. Principals, please activate your school in the data collection system.

6 April 2021 – teachers and ATSI cultural consultants register in the data collection system and complete training.

27 April 2021 – school coordinators create class lists ready for the collection to start.

3 May 2021 – teachers start data collection. School coordinators submit invoice when all teachers finish data collection.

2 July 2021 – deadline to complete data collection.

17 September 2021 – deadline to submit teacher relief invoices

SA AEDC State Coordinator

Email: Education.AEDCTeam [at] sa.gov.au