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Family day care market engagement

Family day care in South Australia

In South Australia there is currently only 1 approved family day care (FDC) provider – the education department. In other states and territories there are many smaller providers such as councils, non-government organisations and private providers, with each provider usually based in a local area.

FDC educators are self-employed and run small businesses that are supported by the department as the approved provider.

Market engagement

The education department is exploring if there are reputable organisations interested in becoming providers that would support FDC educators. There might be organisations that already operate in the early childhood sector that are interested. This is known as the market engagement process.

Respite care providers are also included in this process.

The South Australian government is committed to continuing FDC in South Australia with either the department or other organisations as the approved providers.

Guardianship family day care

The department would work with the Department for Child Protection and any new providers to continue the FDC guardianship program.

Family day care is operating normally

Family day care (FDC) will continue as usual while the market engagement process happens.

If there is no interest from a suitable non-government organisation, the department will continue as the approved provider.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the work.

Education staff

While we run the market engagement process, we will continue to:

  • develop an FDC marketing and communications plan
  • build educator and staff skills with training and development
  • introduce ICT improvements
  • develop an FDC quality management framework.

We are committed to having skilled and experienced employees in the education and care sector, and to keeping employee terms and conditions as much as possible.

The market engagement process is not part of the education department’s FTE savings initiative.

If the government decides to transfer this business to other organisations it will take some time to decide on transition arrangements about things like staffing.

Family day care educators

During the market engagement process, there will be no immediate impact on educators’ businesses. Current arrangements with the department as the approved provider will continue. Families can continue their current care arrangements. Educators will continue to be part of the same scheme.

Educators must continue to comply with the requirements of the National Quality Framework regardless of the final FDC provider.

This process will not affect operational decisions made by the department and locally by the scheme. Educators will continue to be monitored and supported by our qualified staff working at a local level who interact with the children, educators and families.


If you have questions email education.fdcrcpmarketengagement [at] sa.gov.au.