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New digital strategy

As part of our plan to build world-class education in South Australia, we are developing a new digital strategy that will outline the department’s digital approach over the coming years.

The new strategy will replace the existing Delivering Digital 2016 to 2020 digital technology strategy.

About the digital strategy

Over the last 3 years we have focused on implementing modern ICT infrastructure: connecting schools and preschools to high-speed internet, upgrading devices and software and investing in new systems and processes.

It is time to take our digital approach to the next level by using our ICT infrastructure to enable world-class teaching, learning and site operations.

The digital strategy will:

  • set a clear vision for using digital technology across our education system.
  • outline how we use digital technology to maximise student learning
  • how we prepare children to learn, live and work in a digitally driven world.

The digital strategy will focus on 4 key themes:

  • improving and enhancing teaching and learning
  • a productive workplace
  • effective data use
  • alignment to broader government opportunities.

The digital strategy will touch on all parts of the public education system, including schools, preschools, as well as corporate offices.


To develop the strategy, we are consulting with a broad range of people including school leaders, teachers, students, parents, and corporate staff. We want a strategy designed for and by schools, teachers, students, parents and our corporate staff.

During the design stage, the digital strategy project team will consult with a broad range of key stakeholders through:

  • workshops
  • state-wide survey
  • case studies
  • interviews and discussions.

Statewide survey

The digital strategy survey is now closed.

Over 2000 staff and parents completed the survey, and their responses will help in developing the strategy.

The results of the statewide survey will help us understand people’s use and perceptions of digital technology in our public education system.

All participating sites went into the draw to win a technology prize pack and these winners will be drawn in the next few weeks.


We will host a series of workshops to capture the voice and ideas of school leaders, teachers, parents, students and corporate staff and are currently seeking nominations from staff to participate.

We will also conduct a series of student workshops, focused on understanding student experiences and perspectives of digital technology in education.

Case studies

We will also undertake a number of case studies with schools on their use of digital technology. These will help us gain an understanding to what extent schools use digital technology, its value, barriers to take-up and how the experience could be improved. Our case studies will provide on-the-ground insight that will help to ensure that our digital strategy is practical, and places focus where it is most needed.

Digital strategy

Email: education.digitalstrategy [at] sa.gov.au