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Suicide postvention guidelines

Last updated: 
Monday, January 23, 2017
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Child safety and wellbeing

This document is designed to assist schools in responding to a traumatic incident, such as a suicide death or attempted or suspected suicide within their student community, a process known as postvention.

It aims to support communities in grief and to guide schools in recognising and responding to the risk of suicide contagion.

Sections A to E of the guideline must be read in sequence and in their entirety. It is not a document that can be used partially. Sample letters and handouts for use with parents, staff and students are provided below as well as in sections F and G of the guideline:

Education staff can access additional information by logging onto the staff intranet.

The guideline has been developed collaboratively by the Department for Education, Catholic Education South Australia and the Association of Independent Schools South Australia.