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Family day care educator business administration forms

You’ll find all the forms you need to manage your family day care (FDC) service on this page.

Record keeping

You should keep a copy of all submitted forms. After you’ve completed and online form, you will receive a confirmation email with the data you entered into the form. These confirmation emails should also be kept for future reference.


Complete these forms with the families that enrol in your service.

Changes to child or family circumstances

Complete the relevant forms when a child or their family’s situation changes or when a child’s enrolment is cancelled.

When a child reaches preschool or school age

Incident and injury

Complete these forms within 7 days of an injury, illness, trauma or significant incident occurring at or affecting your service.

Risk management

Complete these forms to help minimise and manage risk within your service and to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children in your care.

These forms need to be reviewed at least every 12 months or if your situation changes.

Transportation and excursion permission

Educator assistants

Changes to your service

Complete the relevant forms whenever there are changes to your service. Also consider the forms listed under risk management.

Changes to your information

Complete the relevant forms when you want to take leave or to update your personal information whenever changes occur.

Your leave

Closing your business permanently

Family Day Care Business and Customer Support Centre

Phone (metro): 8343 6533
Phone (country): 1300 551 890
Email: educationfdcbusiness@sa.gov.au