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Program content – key ideas

The department is working with experts at the University of South Australia to deliver a languages program centred on 5 key ideas.

1: Why languages?

Developing and extending understanding of and advocacy for the personal, social, global and cognitive benefits of learning languages in the context of multilingualism.

2: Conceptual and intercultural learning

Developing and extending understanding that language learning is an intercultural process and there’s a need to get students to do the hard thinking in and about languages to develop their reflective and reflexive skills.

3: Developing literacy through languages

Developing and extending understanding that literacy skills are not language-specific, but transferable (translanguaging), drawing from their full linguistic repertoire.

4: Enacting culturally sustaining teaching methods

Acknowledging and drawing on the cultural and linguistic resources students bring with them, challenging deficit perceptions of linguistic diversity.

5: Designing teaching and learning for languages

Using the Australian Curriculum: Languages and SACE frameworks to design high-quality learning in languages, collective teacher efficacy for change in languages education.