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Languages Professional Learning Program

As part of the government’s broad suite of measures to reinvigorate the study of languages in South Australian schools, the Department for Education is excited to be encouraging excellence in language teachers. Ensuring teachers with language skills can access the best professional development opportunities to ensure they are confident in their teaching pedagogy.

Video transcript

On screen: Languages Professional Learning Program 2019
On screen: Reception to year 12
On screen: 19 Languages On screen: 650+ teachers over three years
The Minister for Education: The department is absolutely committed to ensuring that our Children get the benefits of a world class Languages education, as part of a world class education.
On screen: 5 days
On screen: 5 key ideas
Associate Professor Angela Scarino: It's very exciting to have a rich program with a variety of voices and perspectives all intended to enrich our learning in order to enrich our students’ learning.
On screen: Growth for every child in every class in every school.