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Learning needs support for country students

Students and their families can access services to support student learning needs in country schools and preschools. 

Student Support Services for learning needs

The Student Support Services Team works with schools, preschools and families where there are students who have particular learning needs.

The team provides services for:

  • behaviour support coaching
  • psychology
  • social work
  • special education
  • speech pathology.

They also work with Aboriginal community education managers and Aboriginal services engagement officers.

Country schools without filled student support service positions are supported through outreach services from metropolitan locations and by outsourcing private providers. 

More strategies are being explored to improve access to services in country locations.

For more information contact your local school directly or visit Student Support Services, where you can access your local office’s contact details.

For schools needing help with Student Support Services

Schools can discuss their situation by contacting their local Student Support Services’ office (staff login required). You can also email education.StudentSupportServices [at] sa.gov.au for more information.