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Learning+ information for parents

Information for parents and carers of students interested in participating in the 2022 Learning+ maths tutoring program.

2022 Learning+ program

With the success of the pilot program, Learning+ has expanded to include students in year 6 to year 9 in 2022.

The department launched the Learning+ pilot program in 2021, inviting students in year 6 and year 8 from over 80 schools to participate in online maths tutoring. Tutoring is delivered by qualified teachers and sessions run for 30 minutes, twice a week, occurring after school and on weekends.

If your child has been invited to participate in this exciting initiative, learn more about the program below and submit the enrolment form to request your child’s participation.

How Learning+ will help students

Evidence shows us that engaging students in tutoring is an effective way to provide additional support to personalise and accelerate their learning. Specifically, when the tutoring is:

  • one-to-one
  • delivered in short, regular sessions over a set period of time
  • explicitly linked to the curriculum being taught in the classroom.

The Learning+ program aims to improve learning outcomes for students across the state.

How students are selected

Schools that nominated to participate in the Learning+ program in 2022 can offer students in year 6 to year 9 the opportunity to participate. While there is no student eligibility criteria, tutoring places are limited each term.

About the tutors

Learning+ tutors are qualified teachers who have:

  • experience teaching mathematics
  • an in-depth understanding of the Australian Curriculum.

Students are matched with a tutor for the duration of the program. Tutors provide a personalised learning experience by identifying individual student needs and delivering tailored sessions that support academic growth and independent learning.

Format of sessions

Each student will be engaged in online tutoring for 30 minutes, twice a week, for 10 weeks (20 sessions total). These sessions will occur after school and/or on weekends on the same days and times each week.

Tutors identify a student’s learning requirements and design tutoring sessions that support academic growth and focus on building their confidence in maths learning.

Tutors give regular feedback to the student and provide updates to both the student’s classroom teacher and their parent or carer.

All tutoring sessions are conducted online using Microsoft Teams.

What we'll need from you

As tutoring is entirely online, we’ll need your help to make sure students get the most from this program.

Students will need access to the internet and a computer or laptop with video and audio functionality. If this isn't possible at your home, contact the Learning+ Team as soon as possible to discuss.

Tutoring sessions should be conducted in an open space in your home and we encourage you to be present during the sessions. This will provide adult supervision for your child and someone to help with the technology if required.

You may need to help your child:

  • logging in to their school email account
  • initiating Microsoft Teams tutoring sessions.

Student data

We have engaged an external provider called 'SOBS' to provide an online platform for tutoring session bookings.

The secure online platform will store the information that is collected during selection of preferred tutoring times including:

  • student’s name
  • student’s school
  • student’s year level
  • parent name
  • parent’s email address
  • selected tutoring session times.

Refer to the SOBS privacy policy for further details. SOBS is required to manage, use and store data in line with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Learning+ also collect and store the following information to administer the program:

  • student name, year level, school and @schools email account address
  • student achievement data
  • student learning needs information from parents
  • parent name and contact details (mobile number and email address)
  • feedback from the tutor on the student’s tutoring sessions
  • student engagement with the tutoring session including student self-evaluations and assessments
  • parent feedback
  • video recordings of tutoring sessions.

A selection of this information will be made available to the student’s allocated tutor so they can make an appropriate assessment of the student’s learning needs.

All data is stored on Australian servers and may only be accessed or disclosed for the purposes of providing the tutoring services. All storage and access arrangements have been reviewed and approved by the department’s ICT Cyber Security Team.

Video recordings

The quality assurance of the tutoring sessions and the safety of our students is vital. Tutors will need to:

  • record all MS Teams sessions with students
  • download and save these video recordings to a department secure filing system.

This filing system will be locked down to the allocated tutor and student and cannot be shared further. Students can use these videos to revisit past sessions and consolidate their learning.

The Learning+ Team will review these videos to conduct audits, provide tutor professional learning and evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Videos will be archived at the end of the program.

Enrol now and confirm your child’s participation

Students invited by their school to participate in the program must have an enrolment form submitted by their parent or carer.

As tutoring places are limited, parents or carers should complete the form as soon as possible.

Once tutoring spots are filled, students will be placed on a waiting list.

We will contact parents or carers in the coming weeks to confirm their child’s enrolment or placement on the waiting list. We will also keep them updated on program details.

Contact the Learning+ Team if you have any questions.


Learning+ Team

Phone: 8463 5604
Emaillearningplus [at] sa.gov.au