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Laureate Professor John Hattie returns to Orbis!

Wednesday 11th December
Orbis team

“…The first thing that stood out for me here at Orbis in South Australia is your school improvement plan, it really is about the right stuff. It’s about taking a really good set of diagnoses about what’s happening in a school, then looking at the best interventions, making sure we’ve got the best implementation models and then evaluating that as a key part of the whole performance cycle. That’s what this whole course is focussed on; how you can learn those skills to truly make a difference in your school.”

Laureate Professor John Hattie.

Our Instructional Leadership program has received huge interest from South Australian leaders, so much so that the 2020 program filled in a matter of weeks.

Laureate Professor John Hattie facilitated the first intensive for 2019, and is returning for 2020. Professor Hattie is a world renown expert for his research in identifying high impact strategies that make a difference for learners. He is a global influencer who challenges leaders and teachers to “know thy impact”, and we are lucky enough to have him right here at Orbis.

His time at Orbis this year left its mark and after working closely with our South Australian school leaders, he made the decision to prioritise the Orbis Instructional Leadership program in 2020.

Our Instructional Leadership program is the epitome of world-class professional learning. We’re providing our leaders with access to key educational thinkers who are challenging us on how to lead improvement that impacts students’ learning. Professor Stephen Dinham and Dr Jim Watterston will also join us in 2020 to round out our Instructional Leadership program.

We are committed to learning and connecting with the best; our leaders deserve nothing less.