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We support school improvement

Friday 25th October
Orbis team

Watch the Department for Education’s Executives talk about how Orbis provides high quality professional learning for leaders and teachers that is supporting us to reach our ambition of becoming a world-class South Australian education system.


Video transcript

[Anne Millard, Executive Director, Department for Education]
Last year we introduced a school improvement model which has a range of elements and Orbis is an incredibly important enabler to ensuring that our teachers and our leaders have access to the best professional learning that is ultimately going to impact on how kids experience their education in schools and preschools.

[Karen Weston, Executive Director, Department for Education]
We've really worked in partnership with our leaders and our teachers to design a high-quality, evidence-based professional development that helps them every day in the classroom to help us as a whole department get to deliverers of world-class education for our children and young people.

[Laura Schonfeldt, Executive Director, Department for Education]
Professional learning is right at the heart of our improvement agenda. Our people are what are going to get us to our world-class ambition in ten years time. What they do in the classroom every day with their students, how our leaders lead improvement in their schools. Our professional learning is designed all around that – what do they need to make a difference in their classrooms?

[Susan Cameron, Executive Director, Department for Education]
We are very proud of the achievements we've made to date. We want to support every teacher and every leader to keep growing and improving because that's what will make a difference for our kids in the longer term.