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Our approach

Orbis delivers exemplary professional learning for South Australian educators.

We want to help grow your professional practice and that of your colleagues to improve the education of all learners.

Our programs are designed for:

  • teachers
  • principals
  • leaders
  • preschool directors.

Our values

We want to support the work you're already doing to get better outcomes for your students. We've worked with you to identify the values that you think drive excellent professional learning. All of our programs are designed with the following principles in mind.


We co-design our programs with teachers, leaders and industry professionals using contemporary research and principles of adult learning. We understand that your surroundings affect how you learn, so when you join us in person, our programs are delivered in purpose-built learning spaces, by world-class providers.


We empower educators by turning contemporary research and best practice into practical strategies that work in your context.

Education is a team effort. We'll work with groups from each site so you can support each other to apply your learning.


We have one goal – to help South Australian educators deliver exemplary learning.


We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Every learner, educator, and site has different needs. We offer flexible programs that are differentiated for every attendee, co-designed with the profession, for you.

Program providers

We've sought out the best organisations to co-design and deliver our programs. Our partners share our vision for exemplary learning in South Australia's schools and preschools.

The University of Melbourne are delivering our programs in literacy, numeracy and instructional leadership.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education have designed the Leadership for School Excellence program. They will deliver it in Sydney, in 2020. Orbis has selected a group of principals to participate. The program is a chance to connect with the Harvard faculty and fellow practitioners to exchange ideas and best practices to continue their learning facilitated by Orbis.


We design our programs to improve practice throughout your school or preschool. This means that each program requires participation from a group of key educators, leadership team members, and site leaders. You’ll learn and improve your practice together.

To be involved in our programs, your site needs to show that they're ready. Demonstrating the selection principles below is part of the selection process.

Collective efficacy

Orbis' learning programs recognise that for real change to occur, you and your colleagues need to work together. We aim to engage the site leader, a leadership team member, and a group of teachers in professional learning relevant to each role, at the same time.

This collaborative approach means that you'll:

  • develop shared meanings with your colleagues
  • have the support of your colleagues when applying what you've learnt
  • be able to work together to solve challenges of practice
  • cooperate to implement new learning practices at your site.


Taking part in our programs will support school and preschool improvement. This requires you to invest time and people. Through the selection process leaders will be asked to show their school’s long term commitment to improving. This means showing that both leaders and teachers have the right structures and processes in place to make the biggest impact.


We're committed to enabling improvement in schools and preschools across South Australia, and we want your school to take part in our programs, so take the first step and start the process by checking our list of exemplary professional learning programs.

Placements will be filled based on merit. We also require your education director’s endorsement.

We're growing with you

Educators are always evolving, and we want to grow with you. Our suite of programs is designed to scale and adapt to the changing needs of our profession.

The number of programs we offer will increase over time.

Continuous improvement

Tracking our ongoing performance plays an important role at Orbis exemplary learning. We want our actions to have a positive impact on all South Australian educators. Education is continually evolving and we aim to be flexible, future-focussed and provide world-class professional learning that is anchored in the South Australian context, aligned with the curriculum and underpinned by the latest research.

So check out our year in review to find out how we’re performing, and explore our plans for exciting future projects.

2019 year in review

2020 year in review

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