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Preparing for online learning – parents and carers

Online learning aims to complement the learning resources teachers already have in place to ensure continuity of learning between home and school.

This guide has been prepared to help you support your child with online learning. It contains practical advice and information about available support if you need it.

Many schools across the state currently use a learning management system (LMS) to support teaching and learning so you may already be familiar with some of these tools. Getting the most out of the move to online learning for your child means being prepared.

Learning environment

  • Consider creating a dedicated study space where distractions can be minimised.
  • Set your child up at a desk or table with an appropriate chair.
  • Make sure the environment is appropriate if your child will be using live video streams.


  • Your school will provide specific details around learning activities, assessments and timelines.
  • Ensure you monitor these communications and that your child understands their teacher’s expectations and sticks to a routine.
  • Check in regularly with your child to see how they’re adjusting, how their learning is progressing and that they’re practising safe online habits.


Your child will need:

  • A suitable device such as a desktop PC, laptop, iPad or tablet capable of handling word processing and video calls simultaneously.
  • If you do not have one, speak to your child’s school to see if they can assist. Hard copy resources may also be provided.
  • Specific software required for your child’s learning. Please note all students from year 3 and up have access to Office 365, which includes tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • A reliable home internet connection.
  • Access to their learning management system or school portal, including web addresses, user IDs and passwords.
  • Consider the need for a webcam if this does not come as standard hardware on your PC or laptop.


  • Contact your school if you are having issues accessing the internet or a suitable device for your child. They will support you with an alternative solution.
  • To reset passwords and access technical support for your school’s preferred learning management system, contact your child’s school.
  • Check the resources here on the Our Learning SA website to support continued learning between school and home.
  • Access up to date information on the Department for Education website (including announcements and useful links).
  • Remember your child’s teacher remains your first point of contact for questions around their learning and progress.

Teachers can download a print-friendly version of this advice to give to parents.


Our Learning SA

EmailEducation.OurLearning [at] sa.gov.au