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Learning at home resources

year_8 learning at home resources

This suite of lessons support short-term learning at home when face-to-face learning is interrupted due to COVID.

Students can start at lesson 1 and work their way through in order. Each lesson is either a video or a PowerPoint presentation.

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Physical activity lesson 1 (Series 1)

Focus on your coordination with a juggling exercise using balloons or tissues.

We'll leave you with a challenge you can do next or anytime you need a break. You'll need 6 to 10 balloons or tissues, and a timer.

Cardiovascular endurance

Physical activity lesson 2 (Series 1)

Use playing cards to determine your exercises for today and the number of times you need to do them. Today is about elevating your heart rate!

You'll need any deck of playing cards or game cards with numbers and symbols, or colours.


Physical activity lesson 3 (Series 1)

How fast is your footwork? Challenge yourself today with some speed ladder drills.

You'll need a timer and 9 markers, such as chalk or straight objects including sticks, rulers, rolled up towels.


Physical activity lesson 4 (Series 1)

Check your flexibility with today's activities and see if it changes.

You'll need 2 pieces of tape or something to mark the ground.

Muscular endurance

Physical activity lesson 5 (Series 1)

Flip a coin and roll a dice to choose your muscular endurance activities for today and see how many you can complete.

You'll need a coin and dice (you can make one if you don’t have one from a board game).


Physical activity lesson 6 (Series 1)

Practice your agility by jumping around a quadrant square.

Then come up with your own fun agility course to do next or anytime you need a break.


Physical activity lesson 7 (Series 1)

Today's challenges and exercises involve the explosive power of your upper and lower body using some plyometrics games.

You'll need some tape or chalk, a ball or balled up clothes or alfoil and a basket.


Physical activity lesson 8 (Series 1)

Build your strength with a circuit and challenge yourself to hold a plank as long as you can.

You'll need some weights such as cans or plastic bottles filled with water.


Physical activity lesson 9 (Series 1)

Use a reach test to check your balance and create a course to help your balance.

You'll need some tape and a texta.

Reaction time

Physical activity lesson 10 (Series 1)

Play some physical activities to work on your reaction time.

You'll need a timer, playing cards or different coloured markers, 6 balls or markers that can be labelled 1 to 6.