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School governing council as the approved provider of OSHC

If the school governing council has decided that they will be the approved provider of an out of school hours care (OSHC) service, these are the steps involved in setting up the service.

Apply to become an approved provider of OSHC

  1. Contact the Education Standards Board on 1800 882 413.
  2. Complete ACECQA's provider approval related forms which must be submitted to the Education Standards Board.

Application can take up to 60 days to process.

Apply for a service approval

  1. Contact the Education Standards Board on 1800 882 413 (freecall).
  2. Complete the service approval and related forms at the National Quality Agenda IT System public portal, which must be submitted to the Education Standards Board.

Application could take up to 90 days to process

Policies and procedures must be prepared in according to Regulation 168 as part of the service approval application. A full list of required policies is outlined in the guide for developing policies in OSHC to comply with Regulation 168.

Apply for child care benefit approval

Apply for child care benefit approval as outlined on the becoming an approved child care provider page.

A number of documents will be required including provider and service approvals and a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation ie, front page of constitution where it states the governing council is an incorporated body under the Education Act.

Contact the Australian Government Department of Education and Training on 1800 670 305 (freecall) or ccbapplicationdocuments [at] dss.gov.au (via email) with queries or system technical difficulties.

Apply for financial assistance

Some service providers may be eligible for financial assistance through the Australian Government under the Community Support Programme (CSP). The guidelines and application form are available on the Department of Education and Training website, but please note the CSP will cease on 30 June 2018. From 2 July 2018, the Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) will be implemented to help services who require financial assistance via an open competitive grant opportunity. Details on the CCCF are available on the Department of Education and Training website.

Return to Work SA

School governing councils employing OSHC staff must register with Return to Work SA by notifying the Work Health and Safety on 8226 7555

The department arranges the bulk payment of all premiums to Return to Work SA.

Public liability

All services provided by government schools and school governing councils in government schools are covered by public liability insurance provided by the South Australian Government.


School governing council can talk to Financial Services on 1800 100 191 (freecall) for support to develop a couple of different budgets to present to school governing council. If it is not viable you will need to identify and promote alternative care options in the local community.

The finance checklist (PDF 42KB) can assist with developing a budget and fees.

Contact Financial Services on 1800 100 191 (freecall) to set up Company 4. OSHC finances are managed in Company 4.

Recruitment and employment

The school governing council instrument of authorisation (PDF 240KB) is an agreement about the extent of the principal's responsibilities and authorisations. This document must be tabled, minuted and endorsed at a governing council meeting prior to signing. This process must be done whenever the members change.

To find out more information about recruitment, pre-employment and induction of new staff see the employment and governing councils page.

Education and Care Services National Regulations policies

OSHC services and that are put in place must comply with Education and Care Services National Regulations and meet the National Quality Standard to ensure high quality and consistent early childhood education and care.

Each service will be assessed and rated in each of the quality areas listed below as achieving either ‘significant improvement required’, ‘working towards National Quality Standard’, ‘meeting National Quality Standard’, or ‘exceeding National Quality Standard’ rating.

Ratings are published on the ACECQA website, as well as the mychild portal.

Other service management supports

Department for Education administrative units relating to human resources, industrial relations, facilities, financial management and legal services may also be accessed by schools governing councils for information and advice.

Contact details for these units can be found on the OSHC contact list (PDF 175KB).


Out of school hours care unit

Phone: 8226 6427
EmailEducation.oshc [at] sa.gov.au