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Parents in Education Week – free parenting seminars

Parents in Education (PiE) week promotes and highlights the importance of parents being engaged in their child’s learning and education from birth through school, and provides practical advice for parents on how to support their child’s learning. 

The 2018 Parents in Education (PiE) Week speaker program was held in August.


    Your feedback is important to us. We use this information to help us:

    • choose topics that parents want to know more about
    • choose speakers that are experts in their field
    • make the event accessible to as many parents as possible in ways that suit you
    • provide relevant information about what parents can do to support children’s learning and education.

    Your feedback can be submitted to Education.ParentEngagement [at] sa.gov.au.

    Parents in Education week 2018 steering group members

    Parents in Education Week is led by a steering group with the following members representing all 3 sectors of education, parents and staff across South Australia:

    • Association of Independent Schools of SA (AISSA)
    • The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities
    • Pre-School Directors Association
    • South Australian Primary Principals’ Association (SAPPA)
    • South Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (SASPA)
    • South Australian Association of School Parents Clubs (SAASPC)


    Parents in Education Week

    Phone: 8226 3156
    Email: education.ParentEngagement [at] sa.gov.au