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Freeze like a statue

Gross motor


Suitable for children: 
Girl 3-5 years old freezing like a statue

Move, move, freeze!

Have you ever shown your child a statue? They don’t move. Can your child stand as still as a statue?

If your child isn’t already up and moving, encourage them to get started. You could sing as they move or play some music. Work out a way to tell them when to stop. You could use a word like freeze or stop. Or you could use a sound like clapping your hands or ringing a bell.

When I clap my hands you need to stand as still as a statue. You can’t let anything move – not even your toes.

Once your child gets good at stopping, see if they can make different shapes with their body.

This time make a very tall shape. What about a spiky shape? Can you balance on one leg?

Materials you will need

  • Your voice
  • Your body

Alternative tools

  • Music
Skills this activity improves
Skills this activity improves: 
Why does this matter?

As they play statues your child will be learning to listen carefully as they move around.

Stopping and standing very still helps them to develop control over their body.

When your child is following your directions they are learning about how to interpret what you say. They will need to listen carefully, work out the meaning and then do it.

What does this lead to?

Having good listening skills helps children to develop communication skills. They will hear and learn a wide range of words and can use them later in conversation.

Children with well-developed body control are better able to concentrate because they have learned to resist their impulses.

Language to use
  • Start, stop
  • Freeze, still, move
  • Steady, balancing, wobbly
  • Statue, sculpture
  • Music, clapping, silence
  • Tall, wide, scrunched
Questions to use
  • Can you make a shape like a monkey?
  • Are you able to stand very still even if I make you laugh?
Useful tips
  1. You can find lots of statues Out and about on North Terrace.
  2. Remember to talk to you child in your home language.
Variation by age

Three to five year olds

  • Go for a walk and look at some statues with your child. Talk about why the statue is there. If there is writing on the statue read it to your child.

Questions to ask

  • Look, there’s a statue of a man on a horse. Who do you think he might be?
  • Why do we have statues?
  • I wonder what that says. Should we read it?

Language to use

  • Statue, stone
  • Sign, writing, date, story