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Dressing your baby

Health and hygiene


Suitable for children: 
Skills this activity improves: 
Male adult dressing baby

Next time you are dressing your baby talk about what you are doing. 

Let’s get you dressed and ready for the day. It’s cold outside so we need warm clothes. 

As you move your baby around to put on their clothes, name the different parts of their body. After a while you might notice that your baby begins to help you by turning with you. 

First we put on your top. Over your head it goes. One arm, now the other arm. There you go.

You could talk about what is going to happen next. 

Let’s put on your pyjamas as it will soon be time for a sleep. 

Try to use lots of interesting words when you are talking to your baby. They will get to listen to your voice and watch your face, even if they don’t understand all of the words. 

You need warm and cosy clothes today. Here’s a woolly hat to keep you toasty. 

Materials you will need

  • Clothing
  • Your baby

Why does this matter?

As you talk with your baby they will begin to hear some words more frequently. They will begin to link those words with objects or experiences and learn that words have meaning. When you say ‘arm’ and touch their arm they will eventually learn to connect the two. 

Babies learn lots of words well before they can speak, so the more often you talk with your baby the greater their word knowledge will be. 

What does this lead to?

Having a large vocabulary helps children when they are learning to read. It also helps them to be able to express themselves and to understand what others are saying.

Language to use

  • Arms, legs, feet, toes, tummy, head
  • Top, bottom, pyjamas, clothes
  • Woolly, soft, smooth
  • Socks, booties

Questions to use

  • Should we get you dressed now?
  • Where’s your head? There it is!

Useful tips

  1. Remember to talk to your child in your home language.
  2. You might also like to take a look at the activities Baby talk and Singing with your baby.

Variation by age

Birth to two year olds

Questions to ask

  • Peekaboo!
  • This little piggy went to market
    This little piggy stayed home