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GreatStart activities – learning with your child

Birth to 5 years
We went to visit the city one day and caught a tram along the way. What do you think we noticed that day?Lots of different noises – car horns tooting, trucks reversing, clocks chiming, people talking, water rushing and tram bells sounding.Lots of shiny windows – different shaped ones, reflective ones, open ones, ones with writing and ones you can see through.Lots of signs – traffic signs, pedestrian signs, advertising, stop signs and shop signs.Lots of people moving – quickly, slowly, riding, driving, holding hands and carrying bags.
Birth to 5 years
There are many different ways that we share stories. It can be by talking, reading a book, showing a painting, drawing, weaving or design or by using the natural environment. One way to share stories with your child is to tell them - using memory or imagination.
As you snuggle up close with your child and tell stories they will notice how your voice, face and body changes as the story develops. As the tale changes and grows - and each new character is introduced - they will hear different words and language.
Birth to 5 years
There are many different ways you can travel to a place. You could go by bus, train or tram. Next time you are travelling by public transport with your child take some time to talk about the different things that you notice around you.
Talk with your child about what you see inside the vehicle compared to outside. Inside there will be lots of different people to notice compared to outside. Point out to your child the different shapes and sizes of the people or what they are wearing.
Can you see the short man with the blue hat?