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Recorded seminars 

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Parenting videos

Feature video

Parents talk about positive approaches to guiding children’s behaviour 

All ages

Getting children to listen - Jodie Benveniste
What helps parents be their best? - Jodie Benveniste
What parenting style is best for children? - Jodie Benveniste
Where do you get your parenting ideas? - Jodie Benveniste

School aged children and teenagers

Living with teenagers - Kirrilie Smout
Teenagers and feelings - Kirrilie Smout
Managing conflict with teenagers - Kirrilie Smout
Helping teens online - Kirrilie Smout
Children, teens and pornography - Justin Coulson
Girls: resilience, respect and healthy relationships - Justin Coulson
Breaking the 'boy code': teaching boys about respectful relationships - Justin Coulson
Sleep and teenagers - Sarah Blunden

Toddlers, young children and school aged children

Toddlers and big feelings - Mandy Seyfang
Toddlers and touchscreens- Justin Coulson
Sleep and screen use - Sarah Blunden
Sleep and toddlers - Sarah Blunden


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