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A parent's view on protecting children and young people with disability

Jayne Lehman talks about her experience as a parent of a daughter with disability.

As a parent of a daughter with an intellectual disability, I find it difficult to think about her increased risk of abuse. It would be much easier for me to assume she is safe. However, I know this is not always the case.

As parents we cannot ignore that our children with disabilities are at higher risk of abuse than those without disabilities. In fact, we can play an important role in checking the services and people we leave our children with, are doing all they can to keep them safe.

The information in this section will increase your understanding of the reasons why your child is at higher risk of harm, what you can do to make abuse less likely and which services can help you if you suspect your child has been harmed.

Equally, caring for a child with a disability can be stressful and may result in parents feeling they could harm their child. Advice is included on what to do if this happens to you.


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