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Intercultural understanding

The intercultural understanding capability focuses on helping students to develop knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes that enable them to appreciate and respect others from different communities and cultures.

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This general capability has 3 parts:

  • recognising culture (values, beliefs, customs, ways of thinking and behaving) and developing respect for cultural diversity in their school and community lives
  • interacting and empathising with others from different cultures
  • learning from intercultural experiences, challenging stereotyping of cultural groups, and taking responsibility for understanding why other peoples’ choices can be different from their own because of cultural perspectives.


Students of all ages consider their own and different cultural practices, values and stories as part of their school days. They learn to appreciate and value their own and others’ cultural perspectives and practices, and find out about the similar and different ways people communicate in family and cultural groups.

One example is year 6 English students who talk about their own experiences and those of people from other cultural contexts in the texts they are reading or viewing. They learn to recognise the influence of different historical, social and cultural experiences on their own and others’ attitudes.

In years 1 and 2 languages, students greet each other and describe themselves and their families using the language they are learning. They learn many words of different languages and learn about the different or similar ways people from different cultures live their daily life.

Helping your child

You can help your child develop intercultural understanding by:

  • understanding the influence of your own cultural values, attitudes and beliefs
  • showing interest in and learning about other cultures
  • interacting positively with people from diverse backgrounds
  • talking about the ways that different cultural groups are presented in the media.

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