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Parent group purpose and structure (terms of reference)

Children’s centres and children and family centres are built on the understanding that parents and families provide the strongest, most reliable pathway to better outcomes for children.

Centres support families to be actively engaged in programs, services and decision making.

Formal and informal parent engagement is supported by the community development coordinator, to encourage all members of the community to contribute and participate.

A range of mechanisms will be developed to ensure ongoing dialogue with Aboriginal families and members of other priority groups so their voices inform key decisions about the centre.


The parent engagement group provides opportunities for family and community members to have input into the future directions of the centre based on community strengths and needs.

Parent engagement connects the community and the centre.

Roles and responsibilities

The parent engagement group may:

  • obtain family and community views on programs, services and other matters
  • contribute to the development of the centre vision and values and planning
  • provide advice to the leadership team on programs and services needed 
  • develop advice for the leadership team on strategies for encouraging family and community participation and engagement
  • promote the children’s centre within the community
  • undertake volunteer work within the centre
  • participate in training opportunities
  • provide representation on the governing council, partnership group, and regional advisory and planning group.


Parent engagement group membership consists of:

  • families using the centre from a broad cross section of the community
  • community development coordinator.

The community development coordinator will coordinate the parent engagement group. If a formal group is operating, then members will hold the position for a period not exceeding 2 years.

Meeting frequency

The parent engagement group meets as frequently as needed, and no less than 4 times per year. 


Children's Centres Team

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