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Learning Together at Home program to help children to develop through play

Learning Together at Home is a home visiting program that supports families and guides parents in helping their children learn and develop through play. The program also gives advice to families about other early childhood services.

What to expect

A field worker will contact you to arrange suitable times to visit your family at home. They will bring resources, books and equipment for you and your child to use. They will work with you and help you:

  • set goals for your child's learning
  • help your child learn and grow through play
  • connect with other services that can provide support to you and your child.

Attendance and eligibility

Families with children aged from birth to 4 years are eligible for this program. However, priority is given to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, children under the guardianship of the minister, and those who need support because of:

  • social isolation
  • mental health issues or learning difficulties
  • a disability and or developmental delay
  • being new arrivals to Australia
  • being young parents
  • family pressures such as illness, multiple births
  • poverty
  • geographic isolation.

The length of time families stay in the program varies depending on the needs of the family and on the availability of staff.

Depending on availabilities, parents may be referred to a learning together program based at a number of schools across the state.

How to join the program

Most referrals to Learning Together at Home are made through a referring agency. Families can self-refer if they fit the criteria.

Learning Together at Home programs often have a waiting list so there will be a period of time until a vacancy is available. Fieldworkers will contact referred families to notify them of their acceptance or otherwise  into the program and the possible length of time they will be waiting for a service.

Locations and contact details


  • Inner North, Enfield
    Phone: 8262 7399
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingEnfield [at] sa.gov.au
  • Inner South West, South Plympton
    Phone: 8293 9090
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingInnerSouthWest [at] sa.gov.au
  • Northern Adelaide
    Phone: 7285 1600
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingNorthernAdelaide [at] sa.gov.au
  • Southern Adelaide, Christie Downs
    Phone: 8382 5950
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingChristieDowns [at] sa.gov.au


  • Clare
    Phone: 0408 290 807
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingClare [at] sa.gov.au
  • Lower South East, Millicent
    Phone: 8733 2864
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingMillicent [at] sa.gov.au
  • Murray Bridge
    Phone: 8531 3090
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingMurrayBridge [at] sa.gov.au
  • Port Augusta
    Phone: 8641 0345
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingPortAugusta [at] sa.gov.au
  • Port Lincoln
    Phone: 8682 5969
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingPortLincoln [at] sa.gov.au
  • Port Pirie
    Phone: 8632 2633
    Email: Edcuation.LTHomeVisitingPortPirie [at] sa.gov.au
  • Southern Fleurieu, Victor Harbor
    Phone: 8552 4160
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingVictorHarbor [at] sa.gov.au 
  • Whyalla
    Phone: 8645 6592
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingWhyalla [at] sa.gov.au
  • Yorke PeninsulaMaitland
    Phone: 0428 101 530
    Email: Education.LTHomeVisitingLYP [at] sa.gov.au

Family Learning Team

Phone: 8226 4293
EmailEducation.FamilyLearning [at] sa.gov.au