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Visa subclass types and contact information

There are multiple visa subclasses related to education. Who to contact for help depends on which visa subclass you have a question about.

500 visa subclass holders

If you have questions about a 500 subclass visa, please visit the International Student program website.

You can also contact the International Student program team.

Phone: +61 8 8226 3402
Email: Education.ISP [at] sa.gov.au

457 and 482 visa subclass holders

The 457 and 482 visa subclass section has information about the enrolment process and contribution fees for these visas.

You can also contact the 457 and 482 visa school fee administration team.

Phone: +61 8 8226 7598
Email: Education.TempVisaStudents [at] sa.gov.au

All other visa subclass holders

For all other visa subclasses, please contact the English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) program.

Phone: +61 8 8226 5581 or 0456 720 767
Email: education.eald [at] sa.gov.au