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Riverbanks College B-12, Angle Vale

Construction of a new birth to year 12 (B-12) school in Angle Vale is complete. Riverbanks College B-12 opened in term 1 2022.

The new school is located along Riverbanks Road in Angle Vale and is delivered as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project. View the location on a map.

Following a comprehensive procurement process, TESA Education comprising of Tetris Capital, Dutch Infrastructure Fund, Sarah Construction and ISS Services was awarded the contract to construct and maintain the new school.

School name

The new Angle Vale school was named 'Riverbanks College B-12' in 2020.

The name was selected following consultation with the local community. The community was asked to vote for their favourite shortlisted name or suggest other school names via a survey as part of this exciting step towards the opening of the new school.  We would like to thank the community for contributing to the naming process.

School logo 

The new Riverbanks College B-12 logo represents the connection to community, finding one’s own path and growth reflected by the river, riverbank and market gardens. 

The Riverbanks College logo - a circle made up of green, light green, ochre and blue pieces

As a whole, the circle aims to signify strength, growth and community. Within this, the deep green, light green, ochre and blue colours are inspired by the school’s natural environment.

Key stakeholders involved in the branding process included students, principals and staff in local primary schools, community members, and members of the local education office.

School zones

The department consulted with school staff and the public about Riverbanks College B-12’s zones, as well as changes to the zones of nearby existing schools.

The preschool local catchment area, primary campus school zone and secondary campus school zone were approved in 2020. The primary campus school zone will have a single shared zone with Angle Vale Primary School. 

The preschool local catchment and school zones, including the shared zone, will come in to effect for applications for enrolment for those students starting at the school in 2022.

Following the start of the 2022 school year, applications from students living in the shared primary school campus zone who want to transfer from Angle Vale Primary School to Riverbanks College B-12 primary campus, will only be considered in special circumstances and by agreement between the principals of the schools.

Riverbanks College B-12 will work closely with Angle Vale Primary School in their local partnership to ensure a coordinated education service is delivered to families living in their shared zone.

View the school’s preschool local catchment area and zones.


Riverbanks College B-12 will open with progressive enrolments from 2022, starting with preschool to year 8. This means:

  • 2022 – preschool to year 8
  • 2023 – preschool to year 9
  • 2024 – preschool to year 10
  • 2025 – preschool to year 11
  • 2026 – preschool to year 12

In 2022 the school will open with a full cohort of students from reception to year 2, and in year 7 and 8. There will be a reduced cohort of students from year 3 to 6.

It is anticipated around 600 students will attend the school on day one, with the expectation that it will grow to 1675 students by 2026.

By progressively introducing year levels, the school can focus on making sure they are operating smoothly while building towards operating at capacity in a few years’ time.

Enrolment eligibility

Riverbanks College B-12 must open with sustainable enrolments that align with its capacity management plan (CMP).

Although any family can apply to attend the new school, the school is likely to be under enrolment pressure initially, so they will only consider enrolments based on the approved enrolment criteria detailed in their CMP. This will limit the number of students able to gain entry who live outside of the preschool local catchment and school zones.

Enrolment applications

Preschool to year 6

General registrations of interest for 2022 have now closed. Families received enrolment offers in term 3, 2021.

Families who live within our school zone can still register their interest by emailing Kylie Braddock (Enrolment Officer) at dl.1913.info@schools.sa.edu.au.

Visit find a school zone or preschool catchment area to check if you are in our preschool catchment area or primary school zone.

Year 7 and 8

The department's statewide transition process for students starting secondary school (year 7 and 8) in 2022 opened in week 1, term 2 and has now closed. 

During this time all public primary school students had the following provided to them by their primary school:

  • transition information
  • online registration of interest form.

Find out more at register your child's interest for starting high school.

Impact on neighbouring schools

Riverbanks College B-12 will be an addition to the existing schools in the area when it opens in 2022, not a replacement.

No local government schools will close when the new school opens. The new school is intended to cater for the projected enrolment demand coming from strong population growth in the area.

Inclusive preschool program and special options

Placement in the inclusive preschool program and special options is determined through the department’s statewide panel process for placement in an inclusive education option.

For more information, refer to disability support at school.


A computer generated image of what the community entrance to the new north school will look like A computer generated image of what the playspace in the new north school will look like A computer generated image of what the community entrance to the new north school will look like A computer generated image of what the community entrance to the new north school will look like

Architect and builder

Architect: Swanbury Penglase and Perumai Pedovali

Builder: Sarah Constructions

Key features

More than 669,000 hours were worked onsite by a total of 2,450 personnel to build the school.

The new school design combines world-class education and community inclusion, with many school spaces available for community use outside of school hours.

Key features include:

  • a modern and contemporary learning environment with strong connections between internal and external learning spaces
  • a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies to educate students for jobs of the future
  • integration and connection, providing unique learning and teaching environments for children, students and staff from birth all the way up to year 12
  • design to allow community use, creating an inclusive and accessible hub
  • expansive outdoor facilities designed for community use outside of school hours, including courts, an open gymnasium and sporting fields that can be used by the community
  • a 300-seat performing arts centre and an entrepreneurial hub, also designed for community use
  • Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) principles that meet a 5-green star rating.

Principal appointed

Joe Priolo, former principal of Salisbury East High School, has been appointed to lead Riverbanks College B-12. Joe’s passion for building a culture of excellence and equity in education, as well as community connection, will put the new Angle Vale school in great hands.


Riverbanks College B-12

Phone: 0428 865 874
Emaildl.1913.info [at] schools.sa.edu.au