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Enrol in preschool

Information for families enrolling in a government preschool

Children who turn 4 before 1 May are eligible to start preschool at the beginning of the year before they start school. If you would like your child to attend a government preschool you can be assured of a place. 

Children are able to access a government funded preschool for 1 year before they start school. If you are uncertain about the best time for your child to attend preschool, or feel your child may benefit from starting preschool later, talk to your preschool director or school principal about your options.

Preschool enrolment (PDF 264KB) provides more information.

How to enrol

Submit a preschool registration of interest form (PDF 80KB) to your local or preferred preschools. This form can also be collected from your nearest preschool.

If possible, submit the registration form by 30 June in the year before your child is due to start. You can still register your interest any time during the year.

All government preschools will prioritise enrolment applications for children living within the preschool's local catchment area. You can find what catchment area you are in through our preschool and school finder.

Where there are more children seeking to enrol in a preschool than places available, the preschool will allocate places using priority of access criteria. Ask your preschool director or school principal for more information.

Timeframe for offers

At the beginning of August (early in school term 3) there will be a first round of offers to families of preschool‐aged children who live within the preschool's local catchment area.

If you are offered a place, you will receive a letter or email from the preschool. To accept the offer and secure the place, you will need to reply within the timeframe requested.

If you have a preferred preschool but do not live in the local catchment area, you may still be offered a place. A second round of enrolment offers will be made from the beginning of September.

Places at a preferred preschool

If more children are seeking to enrol in a preschool than places available, some families will be offered a place in another nearby preschool. When accepting an enrolment offer, you can request to remain on the enrolment registration list at your preferred preschool. This means you will be contacted if a place becomes available before the beginning of the school year.


For further information contact your local preschool.

You can also contact the Preschool Policy and Programs unit using the details below.

Preschool Policy and Programs Unit

Phone: 8226 2794
Email: education.ecsupport [at] sa.gov.au